Great question! Things come up and postponed events can make it difficult to attend the event. Like a professional basketball or baseball game, refunds aren’t issued. Rest assure that any ticket can be transferable to a friend, coworker, family member, or even let your group of friends know about your ticket on facebook and instagram.

We use email to send you your ticket. Keep your emails from us close by and save your e-ticket. Plus, we will send you a day of email to give you a timeline of the event and what to bring.

Unfortunately we can’t allow you animals at the event. We allow Service pet animals. Keep in mind that music and various activities will be going on.

Yes, you can purchase more lanterns. Heads up though, they may sell out quickly. Best option will be to purchase extra lanterns at check-out. Remember each regular ticket purchased will receive one lantern.

Nothing like you have seen! Hanging lanterns last longer and more enjoyable. Hanging lanterns will not take flight and are eco-friendly. Safety of the hanging lantern are much safer and funnier to capture the experience, take picture etc. Thousands of lanterns surrounding you is pretty cool! Our lanterns have been customized to bring out brightness and color from each lantern. Again, you keep the lantern after the event.

Your own hanging lantern with LED light. Additional entertainment like live music, street performances and more!

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